Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cheer!

Well it has been a long day today. I have done well and have kept up with my statistics homework. I should be done by tomorrow and hopefully this weekend I can finish next weeks homework since I have a big project to work on next week.

My husband has been super busy working on revamping our bathroom. I have to admit that it is looking great!Open-mouthed smile He is really bustling now… It is not fun having only one bathroom in the house and not having anywhere to store my toiletries. We have been storing it in our guest room which makes it looked a bit cluttered.

Here are some pics of the process….




I love the tile! He is putting in the grout tomorrow.

As promised I took pics and even a vid of the Christmas decorations inside my house. I have been procrastinating on finishing my decorations but I finally finished today and also picked up a few things at Lowe’s to finish off the Christmas decorating. We are trying to get a little bit at a time every year and build traditions.

Here are the pics…

This is a little Christmas tree in our dining room:IMG_0247





Here is a video of the animation of my lil starter village:

My Christmas Village

Well that is all right now….I have to wake up super early because the  big “inspection” is going on for the next two days and I have to be to work early.

Good night!

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