Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shaker to Go

I got a cool new glass shaker today in the mail and I am stoked! Not only is it a shaker but it is also sealed so I can throw it in my gym bag and not worry about it leaking. I am doing a Cinch Shake with a smoothie for breakfast. It is so yummy and filling. Tomorrow, I plan on doing a chocolate peanut butter one. Yum!


Sealed top:

Photo Feb 21, 9 06 36 PM

Built in mixer:

Photo Feb 21, 9 06 58 PM

Spill proof top:


Photo Feb 21, 9 07 12 PM

Well off to get my beauty sleep! Tomorrow is my first day using Vitalizer. I will let you know what I think!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Prep Day

I truly enjoyed this past weekend! I love 3 day weekends, you feel like you get so much accomplished.


On Saturday, we went to my friend Mary’s baby’s christening and I ate so much food! Her mom made homemade loompia and pancit, it was soooooo good!Photo Feb 18, 9 34 14 AM

Photo Feb 18, 10 50 29 AM

I also made a homemade tres leches cake. I totally forgot to take a pic…boo.

Good news! I am officially now a Shaklee Distributor. Let me tell ya…this stuff is awesome!!! I have been trying to take off a glass stove top stain with everything (Ceramic cleaner, baking soda mixture, etc.) and nothing would work. I used the Shaklee Scour-Off and lemme tell ya it came off with not very much elbow grease!

Shaklee Website

before after stove

I am getting closer to goal and have made every effort to continue to eat healthy. One way to do this is to make some food for the week on weekends. So, yesterday was Sunday Prep day. I made about 8 lbs of chicken and a 3 lbs of Sweet potato. This is one of the ways that I have been able to lose weight. Instead of getting overly process convenience foods, I am able to eat wholesome food.

Photo Feb 19, 7 47 48 PM

Hope you all have a great short week!



Sunday, February 12, 2012

1.4 lbs Away from Goal!

I hope everyone’s weekend has been great. I have been recovering from being sick and still feel a bit drained. I did some weights this weekend but not cardio…I don’t think my body could handle it right now.
I have been officially on my weightloss journey since last August I believe. A few things that I have stuck with is trying to each natural, organic food. I try to stay away from processed food most of the time. Once I reach goal, I will be posting some before and after photos and also some sample snacks, meals, and etc.
I was looking on the web today and found this interesting article by ironguru.com about Hippocrate’s 10 rules to live by.
This should be an obvious medical pursuit, according to Mother Nature and Hippocrates.
Modern synthetic drugs just mask the illness, but never deal with the origin.
Hippocrates strongly suggested this which relates to modern day Chiropractic treatment.
Food is medicine – medicine is food.
Hippocrates knew that food had health giving qualities – now known as Protein, Vitamins and Minerals.
The majority of foods Americans consume are processed, refined, overcooked, denuded, chemicalized, and grown in mineral depleted soil.
The U.S. Government reports that colon problems are dramatically increasing in America.
The F.D.A. Admits that prescription drugs kill 50,000 – 350,000 people a year in America.
The New England Journal of Medicine reports that the end result of most drug therapy is harmful side effects.
The U.S. Government reports that 75% of all surgeries in this country are unnecessary.
Hippocrates named Protein as the most essential food we should consume, as the greater percentage of our bodies are comprised of it. Carbohydrates are secondary.
He was definitely a genius and it is crazy that our modern medicine does not completely support these factors. Instead of being more preventive, it seems like we are more reactive in society today.

Well off to study!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, dietitian, or a qualified to give individualized health, nutrition, or fitness information. Please consult with your physician or healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns for your health and well-being. This is my personal experience and life on the website and I will not be held responsible for any actions or results of any reader.

Couch Potato

Things have been quite boring over here. I find myself perusing the web because of it. I woke up with a really sore throat on Tuesday and things got worse from there. So, I finally saw the doc yesterday and it seems that I have the beginning of a sinus infection. I also have been feeling fatigued and achy, so I have been resting on the couch being a couch potato. I think Spunky feels my pain…

Photo Feb 10, 10 31 43 AM

That is what she has been doing all day…lol.

My friend Megan and Trish were telling me about Kombucha and I looked into it and it has a bunch of good stuff! *See below link about Kombucha.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, dietitian, or a qualified to give individualized health, nutrition, or fitness information. Please consult with your physician or healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns for your health and well-being. This is my personal experience and life on the website and I will not be held responsible for any actions or results of any reader.


I decided since I was sick to try it. I am a fan! I was told to try the one that has a rainbow label. It tastes like lemonade…so good!

Photo Feb 10, 8 18 23 PM

Well off to recover!

Here are some good reads (I would know…that is my highlight of the day):

Psychology of Snacking

Kombucha Health Benefits

Steve Jobs’s FBI File Calls Him Smart, Tough, and Not Very Honest



Sunday, January 29, 2012

Food from the Philippines


My friend Mary brought some yummy food to work Friday. She just had a lil baby girl and her mom flew in from the Philippines this past weekend. She flew with homemade food she brought from there. The first thing I tried was a purple yam dish with condensed milk and other stuff called, Hayala. The second thing was a lil rice dessert made with coconut milk called, Suman. It looked like a lil green tamale. They were both very delicious.

Photo Jan 27, 7 09 30 AM


Photo Jan 27, 7 09 39 AM



Photo Jan 27, 7 11 10 AM

Today is a studying day. So far I have been this weekend I have been productive and have finished a chapter in History, a chapter in Microbiology, and review questions for the chapters.

Photo Jan 28, 3 51 03 PM

Scarves have been all the rage this season and I suck at knowing how to actually do it different ways. I came across this website earlier from Pinterest and love the 15 different ways to style your outfit.

15 Chic and Creative Ways to Tie Scarves

Well off to study!




Sunday, January 22, 2012

To Albondiga or Not?

Happy Sunday everyone! This weekend went by way too fast! I have been busy studying and writing papers for my classes. This semester I am taking a History and Microbiology class. They are both from two different spectrums but equally interesting. I am actually enjoying both classes even though they are tedious.

I recently discovered hiking trails that are behind my neighborhood. So, this past week I have been taking Spunky on walks back there.

Photo Jan 17, 4 36 42 PM


Photo Jan 17, 4 36 45 PM


Photo Jan 17,-1 4 36 18 PM

Spunky has definitely been enjoying every minute.

This weekend was very cold and rainy. I decided to make a delicious soup that my dad used to make when I was little. It is called Caldo de Albondiga. It is really simple to make, takes few ingredients, and is so good!

2012-01-22 2012-01-22 001 001


2012-01-22 2012-01-22 001 002


2012-01-22 2012-01-22 001 004


2012-01-22 2012-01-22 001 006


2012-01-22 2012-01-22 001 007


2012-01-22 2012-01-22 001 008


2012-01-22 2012-01-22 001 010



2012-01-22 2012-01-22 001 012

Click here for Albondiga Recipe

Weekend links:

150 Bold Tips About Life, People,and Wisdom

The 5 Essentials of Financial Organization


Well off to relax!




Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tennessee Valley

It was a fantastic day today! I woke up early and got lots of cleaning done. I deep cleaned the floors, furniture and got laundry done. I also got some bleh Nerd smileMicrobiology homework done.
This morning we went to check out Tennessee Valley for a run club. It was nice! There were many steep hills that we were not expecting but overall it was a good time. We ran for about 30 min and and then hiked for about another30.  We will be going there next time for hiking purposes with lil Spunky.

Photo Jan 14, 10 31 03 AM

Photo Jan 14, 10 38 11 AM

Photo Jan 14, 10 30 41 AM
For dinner we made some delicious jalapeno burgers on the grill with some sprouted grain bread, Annie's Mac N’ Cheese, and some steamed broccoli with spray buttah. I will never buy some premade burgers if it is just us. These were just too good!
Photo Jan 14, 6 27 34 PM
On the finances front, we are doing great. We have made it a goal to try to “stick” to the budget instead of always “adjusting” categories. It is more tedious and also we don’t save as much that way. Well off to study and then bed.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Resolutions update

Well, I have been keeping my resolutions in mind and so far, so good. Yesterday, I spent about 30 min doing a spread sheet for our budget the rest of this month. After the holidays, this was much needed. We also put into perspective our plans for vacay and this year’s Christmas. We will be saving up monthly for this.

2012 Financial Plans:

  • Hawaii
  • Pay off my credit card(s)
  • Try to not spend too much personal money to save for trip to Hawaii
  • Be smarter about purchase choices

So far this weeks expenditures have been fab:

Monday- $ 1.25 on a diet coke

Tuesday- No Spending day!

Wednesday- $2.50 on a diet coke for my co-worker and I

$9.90- Bought some snacks for the rest of this month from Weight Watchers

I am also proud to say that I lost all the weight I gained from the holidays (.4 lbs.) and also lost extra. Total: 1.2 lbs. This puts me at 7 lbs. until I reach goal! My goal is to reach this by the end of February.

Also, I have been thinking of posting some lil tips, foods, and etc. during my weight loss journey. Please let me know if you have any specific things you would like me to cover. Well off to work on my sleep.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Belated New Year!


Photo Dec 31, 6 38 56 PMSorry I have been MIA lately. I was on vacay for 2 weeks with fam and then I came back to work. I also started  two classes this semester, so I will be a lot busier with school and won’t have as much time to hang out with friends. I am so close to finishing my bachelor’s degree and there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.

I have been really thinking about what I want 2012 to be as far as my resolutions go and finally got a list together.

  1. To be healthier and to reach my goal weight with Weight Watchers
  2. To be more financially savvy and focus on paying off debt
  3. To be on time to places (there is always a reason I am running late or just on time, I want to be early and not trying to rush)
  4. To develop a better skin care regimen
  5. To have better study habits
  6. To focus on the blog more and blog more often (I have been slacking in this dept.)
  7. To develop a better sleep schedule

Well, off to work on #7. Ciao!