Sunday, March 27, 2011

Uh-Oh….major fail

So today I realized that I am a complete failure. I looked at a past post and realized that I completely went away from my lent thing. So I guess it is a no go. I.suck.completely. So on a different note, this weekend my husband and I ran a race together. This is the first time he has run with me. He has been reluctant since he had knee surgery last year.

This is the race we ran:

It was a great run and a flat course. I am so proud of my hubby….he stayed with me the whole time. Our time for the 10K was 59:03 according to my GPS.

I did a LOT of studying for my Biology test tomorrow. It has not been fun. I am trying a different approach and doing mind mapping. We will see how much I did benefit from it or if it was a complete waste of my time and effort. I hope I do good on the test tomorrow. Wish me luck!

We had some good eats this weekend:

We had a nice lunch at a Japanese restaurant…

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I made a delicious dinner on Friday night (Roasted Garlic Risotto and Tilapia with mango salsa)…

2011-03-25 2011-03-25 001 0012011-03-25 2011-03-25 001 0022011-03-25 2011-03-25 001 0042011-03-25 2011-03-25 001 0052011-03-25 2011-03-25 001 0062011-03-25 2011-03-25 001 0072011-03-25 2011-03-25 001 008

I made a delicious dinner tonight (filet mignon, Wild Mushroom risotto, and grilled asparagus)….

2011-03-27 2011-03-27 001 0012011-03-27 2011-03-27 001 002

I have been hooked on Risotto since I went to visit my sister. I found those boxes at Target and plan on making them more often. They are flavorful and delicious!

Well I am off to bed. Ciao!




Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Power or Cable…WTF?!?

Today has kinda been good and bad. The highlight of my day was that my dear husband gave me some roses…

2011-03-24 2011-03-24 001 003

I also got to do an hour workout at the pool today. It felt like a mini vacay at lunch. I am taking a break tomorrow since I will be running the Azalea Trail run 10k this Saturday with my husband.

For dinner yesterday I was craving some crawfish and a salad:

2011-03-23 2011-03-23 001 001


2011-03-23 2011-03-23 001 004

For dinner today I made a risotto that I found at Target and some chili. It was delish!

2011-03-24 2011-03-24 001 0092011-03-24 2011-03-24 001 011

After dinner I cracked down on some homework for my Biology test that is on Monday. My internet went down when I was almost done with a chapter. My goal for tonight was 2 chapters. That didn’t happen. Well I was finishing typing some stuff and then the power went out for about 30 min. It really sucked….my dog started barking at something too which really scared me. Well off to bed. Still no internet…this blows!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break

Hello!I was on vacay  last week to visit my sis and lil nephew. We did got the new gel nail polish, went to Nashville and just spent some quality time together.

The gel nail polish= best thing ever! No drilling and it lasts for about 2 weeks!

My sis and I made some tilapia with mango salsa and mushroom risotto:

2011-03-15 2011-03-15 001 0012011-03-15 2011-03-15 001 0032011-03-15 2011-03-15 001 004


Drank a Harvest Moon:

2011-03-15 2011-03-15 001 0052011-03-15 2011-03-15 001 006

We didn’t have a wine opener so I had to use a knife to open the bottle….ghetto!

2011-03-16 2011-03-16 001 001

My sis made eggs in the basket:


2011-03-16 2011-03-16 002 001

My cute lil nephew:

2011-03-16 2011-03-16 002 003

We went to the Melting Pot in Nashville:


meltingpot2011-03-17 2011-03-17 001 0012011-03-17 2011-03-17 001 0052011-03-17 2011-03-17 001 0082011-03-17 2011-03-17 001 0092011-03-17 2011-03-17 001 0102011-03-17 2011-03-17 001 0122011-03-17 2011-03-17 001 0142011-03-17 2011-03-17 001 0152011-03-17 2011-03-17 001 0162011-03-17 2011-03-17 001 0172011-03-17 2011-03-17 001 0182011-03-17 2011-03-17 001 0192011-03-17 2011-03-17 001 021

We got some delicious cupcakes from the cupcake bus:

cupcake bus

I could not resist getting some DQ on the way back from visiting my sis. My fav is the Hawaiian.



Here are the new shoes I got in Nashville:

2011-03-20 2011-03-20 001 002

In other news my friend Jana from Married to a Bevill had her baby Julia. She is the cutest! Congrats mama and papa!


Well I am off to bed. Until tomorrow. Ciao!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Olive Oil News

Happy Hump Day/ Ash Wednesday everyone! So are you giving up anything for Lent? I am not Catholic or anything, but every year I give up something for Lent. It is like a lil kicker after the New Year. Last year I gave up chocolate which I did good and lost a couple of lbs. Well I have been thinking about it all week and have finally come to a decision thanks to my cousin.

So here is the story:

I was talking to my cousin earlier, and asked for some diet recommendations. She is a RD and also works at a weight loss clinic. So she said that I should follow a low CHO diet with good fats. I also heard something shocking from her…..she said it is bad to cook with Olive Oil! That was completely different to me. She said to cook with Coconut Oil instead. Her reasoning behind this is because olive oil is unstable at high temps and causes free radicals which could lead to cancer! That was a shocker.  I looked it up and saw this article : Why it is best not to cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is a good read. I will definitely be following this website.

So with all that being said, I am going to give up breads, grains, and sugar for Lent. I am also going to eat low fruits and lots of  veggies and good fats. There is one day this Lent period that I will eat sugar. That is the day I go to Nashville next week with my sister. We planned on going to this pop place that she has been wanting to go to for a long time….so I will be going. One thing that I will not include in this is wine. I will be drinking my yummy delicious wine!



Well wish me luck on this….hopefully once and for all I will lose this weight!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spa at my house

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been gone so long! I have been studying for this:

I have the test this weekend and have not prepared as much for it as I should have. I have had so much going on ( selling house, school, work, travel) and have not had much time for it. I did study about 3 hrs today and some this past weekend. I hope I score better than I did last time but we will see. If I don't I might have a chance to take it one more time before my application for Physician Assistant School is due. I am really nervous about this.

On another note, I had a spa weekend this past weekend. My friend Krista who graduated from school last year brought her friend and they did spa services at my house for a great price! Here is the setup:

It was a great success and very relaxing. After the winter my skin needed some rejuvenation!
Well off to sleep...night!