Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spa at my house

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been gone so long! I have been studying for this:

I have the test this weekend and have not prepared as much for it as I should have. I have had so much going on ( selling house, school, work, travel) and have not had much time for it. I did study about 3 hrs today and some this past weekend. I hope I score better than I did last time but we will see. If I don't I might have a chance to take it one more time before my application for Physician Assistant School is due. I am really nervous about this.

On another note, I had a spa weekend this past weekend. My friend Krista who graduated from school last year brought her friend and they did spa services at my house for a great price! Here is the setup:

It was a great success and very relaxing. After the winter my skin needed some rejuvenation!
Well off to sleep...night!

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