Thursday, April 21, 2011

So proud!

Well a lot has been going on in my life. I went on a little while without posting. One of the first things first and foremost is I want to give a shout out to my sis. She has successfully lost 100lbs! I am so proud of her. She sent me some pics of her before and afters. She did this all through diet and exercise. She did not do anything unhealthy. Her changing point was that the doctor wanted to do gastric bypass and told her she would never be able to lose the weight. She also told me that she wanted to be healthy for her. Well, here she is 100 lbs. lighter:








Yay sis! I will try to get her to post a snapshot of her diet and exercise plan for those of you out there that are trying to lose some weight (me included).

  Well you know how I went to Disney World to run the Princess Half? Well I got my lil nephew a lil car set that comes with a bag. My sis always puts her shoes on and grabs her purse and says, “bye”….well my nephew decided to do the same thing…lol!


Such a cutie!

This past weekend we had my husband’s brother over to visit before our big move the end of next month to San Francisco.  It was a fun time! We grilled and spent some time at the beach. Here is a pic of his nephew with his beach hat…


Another new thing I did with the hubs is wax my Jeep by hand. It was a tedious 2 hrs. but now my Jeep looks smexy! lol.


I am completely happy with the results.

So with all those tidbits going on my major busy stuff has been school, work, SATs, and Physician Assistant Packet. I decided to retake my SATs since that is a major factor in the program acceptance. I also am putting my application in before I move…which btw is very tedious. With all this being said…a lot of people have been wanting me to blog more often…so I will try to blog at least a few time a week. My next post will be with my sis and her “diet secrets".” Well off to study…ciao!

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