Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It’s a Wrap!

Happy Hump day everyone! Today was a great day….work was good and it went by fast. I took my Organic Chem test yesterday and did ok…I wish I got a higher score. I talked to my professor today and I feel a lot better. I hope I can get an A in this class.

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs with Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Crumbles. They are delish and it makes it easier in the morning to cook breakfast.


photo 3

For lunch my coworkers and I decided to try a deli for lunch. I have heard of it but never made the lil drive over there. I was fantastic!



I had the shrimp salad with feta cheese…yum!


For dinner I decided to make some lettuce wraps. I used to eat these about once a month when I was single and got a craving for them. My hubs had never tried lettuce wraps and he is a fan! I told him we have leftovers for din din tomorrow and all he said was “ MMMMmmm.” So these is going to make an appearance in the future again! It also only took about 30 min to make.

2011-08-10 2011-08-10 001 001

2011-08-10 2011-08-10 001 003


2011-08-10 2011-08-10 001 005

Well off to bed I go! Ciao!

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