Sunday, August 14, 2011

Seaglass Creation

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend has went great! I was very productive this weekend and got lots done. I did lots of homework and also cleaned house. I did not go out this weekend and saw a lot of Bad Girls Club. I recorded the entire last season and even got the hubs to get into watching it with me…lol.

On Saturday, I made a delicious grilled steak with fried onions and a Balsamic Vinaigrette reduction. I was so good. My sis gave me the recipe that her friend gave her. He owns an upscale catering company and this recipe is one of the hit dishes. I will see if it is ok and will probably post the recipe here soon.

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2011-08-13 2011-08-13 001 002



2011-08-13 2011-08-13 001 003

2011-08-13 2011-08-13 001 005


2011-08-13 2011-08-13 001 007

I was at a festival last week and my friend won a few things…she ended up giving me this Seaglass necklace. I want to get some matching earrings for it…I love it!

2011-08-14 2011-08-14 001 0011

I was feeling in a Crudités mood today and decided to make some homemade hummus to eat with my veggies. It came out smooth and creamy.

2011-08-14 2011-08-14 002 001

I also got the courage to take a walk with Spunky and my boot. It was a lil awkward crossing the street because all these cars were staring at me. My dog really did enjoy the nice weather and being outside. Hopefully the podiatrist will call this week with good news about my inserts being there. I want to be out of this boot and start training for the half in Dec. Well of to bed. Ciao!

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