Sunday, August 7, 2011

Posting Hiatus fo sho

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been gone so long. For one, I have been gimpie and it has not been very fun…boo. I have officially worn this boot for a month. I went to the podiatrist for a check up and I have to wear the boot for 2-3 more weeks. Another thing that sux is that I have a temporary crown on the tooth that I got a root canal on.

A lil over a week ago we went to a local place called Thai Issan. It was delish! We sat on floor seats and had to take off our shoes. I, of course, was not able to take off my boot…it was an awkward situation.

Chicken and Beef Satay:

2011-07-22 2011-07-22 001 001

Summer Rolls:

2011-07-22 2011-07-22 001 003

The best part--- Fried Banana Ice Cream:

2011-07-22 2011-07-22 001 004

Our really good friends Marie, Kyle, and their cutsie sons Grant and Jay and their friend Ashley came to visit. We took a day trip to San Fran. It was a good time!

2011-07-30 2011-07-30 001 003-1



2011-07-30 2011-07-30 001 005


2011-07-30 2011-07-30 001 006-1

I went to Sephora the other day and lookie what I bought!


So far I love it! My skin feels a lot smoother.

Well off to bed. Ciao!

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