Friday, February 10, 2012

Couch Potato

Things have been quite boring over here. I find myself perusing the web because of it. I woke up with a really sore throat on Tuesday and things got worse from there. So, I finally saw the doc yesterday and it seems that I have the beginning of a sinus infection. I also have been feeling fatigued and achy, so I have been resting on the couch being a couch potato. I think Spunky feels my pain…

Photo Feb 10, 10 31 43 AM

That is what she has been doing all day…lol.

My friend Megan and Trish were telling me about Kombucha and I looked into it and it has a bunch of good stuff! *See below link about Kombucha.

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I decided since I was sick to try it. I am a fan! I was told to try the one that has a rainbow label. It tastes like lemonade…so good!

Photo Feb 10, 8 18 23 PM

Well off to recover!

Here are some good reads (I would know…that is my highlight of the day):

Psychology of Snacking

Kombucha Health Benefits

Steve Jobs’s FBI File Calls Him Smart, Tough, and Not Very Honest



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