Saturday, July 9, 2011

Foot Injury

Hey everyone! I hope your weekend has been great! Sorry I have been gone for a bit….been busy with work and home stuff. Overall the week has been okay.

One thing I decided was to stop Paleo. I weighed myself on Monday and was the same weight as the week before. I think I reached a plateau. I decided to start Intermittent Fasting and have been doing that since Monday. I think that got me out of the plateau since I am down 2.5 more lbs. today.

I was surfing the internet yesterday and found this: America's Obesity Rates . I think it is really sad and gives America a bad rep. We have got to get our s#*@ together guys, that includes me.

I went to the Podiatrist yesterday because I have been having this foot pain for 3 yrs. I have seen two podiatrists already and they just gave me inserts. I also got corticosteroid injections and wore a metatarsal pad. None of them resolved it. The doctor that I worked with recommended that I try the podiatrist here…he said he was a great one. I took his advice and went. They took several x-rays and it turns out that I fractured my sesamoid bone. I have to wear an air splint for 1 month and if it doesn’t heal during this time, I will need to have surgery. I also can do any running, cycling, or the elliptical. I am gonna try to swim and do weights. I am freaked out because I am on a downhill with my weight loss and I see so many stories on how people gained weight with an injury.

Here is what I will be wearing:



I found a pair of my jeans that will fit over it:


As soon as I am better, I am contemplating doing barefoot running. Here is an article from New York Times on the subject: Are We Built to Run Barefoot?

Brian has been so supportive with me being a gimpie. He made me dinner today.


Well of to relax! Ciao!

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