Monday, May 9, 2011

Back on the Bandwagon

Hey everyone! Well today I took the day off from work to study for my finals today. I really needed this considering that I took SATs and an exam for my work these past few days. I did pretty good this past weekend with my eats. I have lost a lil over 2 lbs since I got back on the bandwagon and started tracking my cals again. I never have tracked calories for a long period of time, so I am doing it so I can get my portion distortion down. Once I do that, I think that I will be able to eat intuitively. I weighted in at 150.8 a lil over a week ago. This morning when I weighed my self I am at 148! Yay! My goal/ happy weight is between 125-130. I hope to reach this in a few months. I am a little bit nervous about doing a road trip when we move. I know that it is hard to eat on the road since there are not that many “healthy” food choices when eating on the go. I will definitely be blogging while on the road to let you get a glimpse of my travel/eats.

Yesterday was my cutsie nephew’s 2nd birthday. He is actually a lil natural at blowing out candles. Here is a video of him:
Andrew’s 2nd Birthday

Hungry Runner Girl is having a giveaway for some New Balance Shoes! Head over to her website and enter!

I have been swimming a few times a week for cross training and because I suck at it. I have gotten much better and am working on it. I want to complete a triathlon eventually. Well, since I have blond highlights, I have got the case of the “green” hair. I went to Sally Beauty Supply and got this shampoo and conditioner:

It actually worked! I recommend!

I ran 3.52 miles earlier and it kicked my butt! Humidity and heat were high. I will never go around 3pm again. Since, we are getting ready to move, we have a bunch of boxes around the treadmill so I had no choice. I told Brian that I would rather run a half marathon right now with January weather than run those 3.5 miles in the heat!

So I think I did ok on my final. I am so glad to be done! Right before I bought one of these:

2011-05-09 2011-05-09 001 001

I got the Island Impact and an energy booster. I think it helps my memory because last time I got one before a test I scored a 98! So, I decided to get one for the final. Plus, I had a card from buying some in the past, so it was  free!!

When I got home, I was a little snacky so I decided to get a bowl of Egg Drop Soup. It hit the spot!


2011-05-09 2011-05-09 001 005

Well I am off to watch Nurse Jackie and relax with the hubs. C-ya!



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