Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beach Weekend near Perdido Pass

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend has been great. Mine has had its ups and downs. One that is a lil bit of both is that I took my SATs this weekend and it is over! The downer is that I think I super sucked at it. Boo! We will see the results in 3 weeks.

On a different note, I went to see Something Borrowed on Friday night and that movie was fantastic! I would definitely say that going to the movies to watch it is so worth it! After we went to the movies, we went to Olive Garden and I got the Steak Gorgonzola-Alfredo…it was delish!

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This weekend a guy drowned at the beach we went to. My friend came running and told me someone was drowning. By the time I got there, EMS was there. I thought I was gonna have to do CPR. They flew the guy out in a helicopter. My friend called the hospital and she was told the people who were taken there that day in a helicopter survived. So I am crossing my fingers and praying that he survived. Here are some pics from that day….



Of course I had to study that day at the beach….bleh.

Today I just bummed around the house. I studied and relaxed in between. I also made a shrimp scampi (which I forgot to take a pic). I had some leftover ham that I was gonna throw away, but I decided to give it to Spunky. She was full the rest of the day and did not even eat a treat I gave her a little bit ago.

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My Nana emailed me a video this weekend on how to peel potatoes super easy. I will never peel potatoes manually again! Here is the video:

How to peel potatoes

Lastly, I have been thinking of getting an Ipad 2. I have an iPhone and think they are super alike, but the screen is bigger for watching things online and also for doing homework and etc. What is your opinion on getting one? Is it worth it and if you do have one do you use it a lot?

Well I am off to study a bit more before going to bed. Night!

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