Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Food poisoning=no fun

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been a stranger. I got food poisoned over the weekend and am barely recovering. It was not fun at all. Besides that I am getting ready for my SAT test on Saturday, a  test for my job tomorrow, and finals on Monday. I have a LOT on my plate.  I hope I do well…you never know how you are going to do on SAT’s.I have taken 3 practice tests for it and the first two went up significantly, and the last one I took went down a bit which kinda bummed me out. At this point I do not know where I stand…WTF!

A lil over a week ago we celebrated my bestie Tinia’s birthday. I made frijoles charros with a homemade ham…it came out sooo good!

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We also made homemade red enchiladas and Mexican rice! It was our plan to show our lil amiga how to cook authentic Mexican food.  It was def a feast!




On a different note…while studying, I decided to get ice cream from the ice cream man and look what I found!


The ice cream man sells frozen doggie treats! So cute! She ate it up!


I went to a birthday party this weekend and look at what Lowe’s carries! These cute lil boxes to hold your gift cards.


I went to brunch on Sunday morning and this is what got me sick (lobster crepes with eggs):

2011-05-01 2011-05-01 001 0052011-05-01 2011-05-01 001 006

I know it had lobster…I think it had some other seafood. I am not sure if the seafood or the eggs got me sick..but I was down for about 3 days. Not fun…this has been the worst I have felt for a lonnnnnnggg time!

Well off to study for my tests for a lil bit. See ya guys later!

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