Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ultimate Blog Swap from Stephanie’s Mommy Brain


Ultimate Blog Swap: 3 Simple Steps to Weight Loss

Raise your hand if you made New Year’s resolutions back in January. {holding my hand up} Now wave your hand around if one of those resolutions was to lose weight. {waving my hand in the air}
If you’re like me, by summer those resolutions are just a vague memory. But they don’t have to be this year. Summer is actually the best time to lose weight - an active lifestyle is easy, eating fresh fruits and veggies is natural, and swimsuits provide an extra incentive to stick with the diet/exercise program!
I learned the trick of summer weight loss last year when I lost 15 pounds. 15 pounds may not sound like much, but when you are barely 5 feet tall, 15 pounds really show up on your body!

Weight Gain Causes
My 30 pound weight gain started nearly 9 years ago when I became pregnant with my first child. An addiction to junk food, no concept of serving sizes, an allergy to exercise and a pregnancy license to eat what and when I wanted all added up to a little extra “baby weight.” It was a lifestyle I continued as I carried 3 more pregnancies in a little over 5 years.
Weight Loss Motivation

By the beginning of summer 2010 my “fat” clothes had become so tight I needed to buy larger clothes. I felt embarrassed by my appearance. Sluggish and exhausted all the time I seldom wanted to play with my children. The joke that chasing 4 children around all day was exercise just wasn’t funny any more.
One day my family and I headed to a local playground. My husband and older children walked ahead of me and our toddler. At one point my hubby turned around and took a picture of us. At the time I thought we looked pretty cute strolling along hand-in-hand. Then I downloaded the picture when we returned home. Defeated and ashamed of how I looked, I swore the picture would never see the light of day!

I also swore that I would weigh 15 pounds less by Christmas.

Changes for Weight Loss
That month I began making changes to my lifestyle. First, I stopped drinking soft drinks, juice and sweet tea. That last one was especially hard! As a southerner summer is synonymous with iced sweet tea. Unfortunately it also contains lots of nutrition-less calories. Thankfully drinking only water became easier as the summer progressed.
Next I started exercising. Please understand, I am not athletic. My sports career began and ended is a traumatic season of T ball in 1st grade. After that I avoided anything that required running, jumping or eye-hand coordination. But I put the memory of T ball aside and began using a workout DVD 3 to 4 times a week.
Finally, I changed what and how much I ate. I used a diet plan that restricted the number of servings in each food group. I also weighed and measured food so that I ate an accurate serving. Measuring cereal really opened my eyes to how little I understood servings sizes. I usually just filled my bowl full with cereal, measuring showed me that I was eating at least 3 servings for breakfast. That is a whole lot of extra calories!
Weight Loss Success

By drinking water, exercising, and dieting I lost 15 pounds and 3 pants sizes. Fitting into my “skinny” clothes felt great! I also felt energetic, strong and attractive. I love that feeling! So this summer I am again dieting, exercising and losing weight.

I have set a goal to lose 10 pounds by mid-June. So far, I’m on target with 4 pounds gone and inching my way into a smaller pants size. I’m looking forward to once again reaching December 31 and knowing that I kept my New Year’s resolution - that I lost weight in 2011.
Stephanie is a home school mom of 4 (ages 2-8). She spends her days teaching her two oldest sons the 3Rs, reading Princess books to her daughter, and rescuing inchworms from her 2 year old son.  While her household sleeps, Stephanie blogs about the ups and downs of motherhood at Stephanie’s Mommy Brain.


  1. Thanks for this opportunity to guest post on your blog! I had a lot of fun with it. :)

  2. Stephanie, you look fantastic in that second picture! You look so tiny! Plus, I like the outfit. : ) Kudos to you!