Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Resolutions update

Well, I have been keeping my resolutions in mind and so far, so good. Yesterday, I spent about 30 min doing a spread sheet for our budget the rest of this month. After the holidays, this was much needed. We also put into perspective our plans for vacay and this year’s Christmas. We will be saving up monthly for this.

2012 Financial Plans:

  • Hawaii
  • Pay off my credit card(s)
  • Try to not spend too much personal money to save for trip to Hawaii
  • Be smarter about purchase choices

So far this weeks expenditures have been fab:

Monday- $ 1.25 on a diet coke

Tuesday- No Spending day!

Wednesday- $2.50 on a diet coke for my co-worker and I

$9.90- Bought some snacks for the rest of this month from Weight Watchers

I am also proud to say that I lost all the weight I gained from the holidays (.4 lbs.) and also lost extra. Total: 1.2 lbs. This puts me at 7 lbs. until I reach goal! My goal is to reach this by the end of February.

Also, I have been thinking of posting some lil tips, foods, and etc. during my weight loss journey. Please let me know if you have any specific things you would like me to cover. Well off to work on my sleep.


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