Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tennessee Valley

It was a fantastic day today! I woke up early and got lots of cleaning done. I deep cleaned the floors, furniture and got laundry done. I also got some bleh Nerd smileMicrobiology homework done.
This morning we went to check out Tennessee Valley for a run club. It was nice! There were many steep hills that we were not expecting but overall it was a good time. We ran for about 30 min and and then hiked for about another30.  We will be going there next time for hiking purposes with lil Spunky.

Photo Jan 14, 10 31 03 AM

Photo Jan 14, 10 38 11 AM

Photo Jan 14, 10 30 41 AM
For dinner we made some delicious jalapeno burgers on the grill with some sprouted grain bread, Annie's Mac N’ Cheese, and some steamed broccoli with spray buttah. I will never buy some premade burgers if it is just us. These were just too good!
Photo Jan 14, 6 27 34 PM
On the finances front, we are doing great. We have made it a goal to try to “stick” to the budget instead of always “adjusting” categories. It is more tedious and also we don’t save as much that way. Well off to study and then bed.

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