Saturday, November 6, 2010

Candle Party and Bdubs

Well I had a busy today. I signed up last year to get these Blackout/Holiday sale emails. Well this morning I looked at the said email and decided to buy our first HD/LCD Tv. My husband's birthday is next month so I decided to buy this for him. Plus a perk was that they had a killer Friday/Saturday sale. I looked around our area and 4/5 Walmarts were sold out. I found one that had a few left and rushed there after breakfast. Here it is:

While I went in a bustle to go get this for him, he worked on our lil construction project since we are getting ready to sell the house. It started out as raggedy with 2 layers of wallpaper and under that wallpaper, a few holes that were patched with netting.
Our work in progress:

We plan on putting new tile, getting a new vanity, mirror, and lighting. I will keep you guys updated!

So, I also had a Scentsy party today, which was a blast. Oops forgot to take pics...I gotta get better at this biznazz. We had mimosas, homemade salsa, assorted fruit, and a meat and cheese tray. Twas it was a good time!

Everyone was a little hungry from a long day, so we decided to go to Bdubs(Buffalo Wild Wings).

While there my husband decided to try the "hottest" wings. He wanted to test them out in order to see if he wants to try their wing contest which is eat 12 wings in 6 min. Here was the outcome:

HAHA! Sorry to say this...but he did not make it past one wing! He refused to eat the other 7 he bought.

It was a good night!

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