Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great Day in the Neighborhood

Well today was a super busy day....lots of paperwork and homework...
I got a lot done though and am definitely ready for the weekend. Tomorrow I will be going to the lighting of the Christmas tree downtown and to eat some delish Thai food. I am excited. Saturday will be also fun filled with my good friend's son's birthday, going to watch Harry Potter, and making some homemade Pumpkin Empanadas. Wow....busy. I will be sure to take some pics...Yesterday I went to my friend Rosa's and she made some yummy cookies which are the equilvalent to Mexican Biscochitos. I will be looking for them when I go grocery shopping tomorrow....

Today had some good eats. I was not able to take pics at work but we had a delicious lunch which consisted of crab legs, crab cakes, and mahi mahi tacos.

Dinner was also good....

I ate some lentil soup, ceasar salad and finished it off with some Cookie Dough ice cream.

Well I got a busy day tomorrow..I will definitely have some pics. Have a good one!

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