Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good Day with the hubs

We had a great day together....ran lots of errands/fun time together, spending the day off together.
We started at the mall, where we went to numerous stores shopping for the hubs. I also got my flat tire fixed....had a nail in it...sucks! At least I did not need a new one! We found a few great pants for him to take on his trip to visit his fam. I was looking forward to getting new stuff at Bath and Body Works.........this is what i got....

 Smells so Christmasy.....lurve!

Another cute thing is my nephew got his haircut...I can't wait to see him next month for Christmas. Don't know what to get him...any tips?

He is such a cutie..... i live vicariously through my sis on wanting a baby. Love love my nephew. But gonna go sleep.....we will see what tomorrow brings...night!

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