Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Orleans Wrap Up

Hey everyone! Happy Superbowl Sunday! Well my weekend was very exciting… I went on a mini vacay with some good friends and experienced some many good eats at the Big Easy. I am definitely pooped from the long weekend but it was definitely memorable.

On Friday, we drove to NOLA(New Orleans, LA) and checked into the Best Western Landmark hotel.

2011-02-04 2011-02-04 001 007

We went to Pat O'Brien's for an appetizer and drink while waiting for our friends to get into town.

We had some gator bites which were really good with a honey mustard sauce:

2011-02-04 2011-02-04 001 016

I had one of their famous hurricanes. If you go to NOLA you have to go to this place and sit in their nice courtyard and enjoy on of these:

2011-02-04 2011-02-04 001 020

Shortly after finishing our drink, our friends arrived and we went to this famous oyster place. There was a small line outside and we waited about 15 minutes. The wait was worth it. We had excellent service and their oysters are phenomenal!


2011-02-04 2011-02-04 001 023

2011-02-04 2011-02-04 001 026

Along with the oysters I had an Abita beer. This is a seasonal on and is my ultimate favorite flavored beer! It is not your traditional sweet/flavored beer. It is a beer infused with strawberry flavor but does not taste syrupy at all. It is malty and delish! I recommend this beer if it is available to anyone trying Abita.

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 012

The next morning we went to brunch at Elizabeth’s Restaurant right outside the French Quarter. I got crab cakes with poached eggs and a hollandaise sauce.

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 001

My friend James got a salmon with brie dish…I can't remember the name.

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 002

My husband got a fried catfish breakfast that was marinated in hot sauce. I tried this and was not a fan. I would not recommend this dish.

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 003

Our friends went to the Audubon Aquarium but since Brian and I had been there we decided to walk around the French Quarter. We stopped and grabbed a drink (Abita Strawberry Harvest.)

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 013

When our friends finished at the aquarium, we headed over to Café du Monde. This is yet another place you have to go to if you visit NOLA. They are famous for their Beignets.

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 020

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 016

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 0172011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 018

While walking around, we stopped at this candy store and grabbed a chocolate and pralines to share.

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 021

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While walking around the French Market I got this:

peacock hairband

I fell in love with it when I saw it.

Here is the famous Jackson square:

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 034

That night we went to Jacques-Imos. I made reservations for this place about a month ago. All I have to say is  O….M….G! This place was amazing! We actually talked about going again for a day just to eat at this place again! We all shared our plates and I can honestly say that not one.single.thing was disgusting.Everything just had a perfect balance of flavor. The owner is so personable and walks around socializing with customers. He also gave our group drinks on the house. I highly recommend this restaurant!


2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 044

The ceiling has artwork:

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 045

They make reservations for 5+ people. If you don’t have reservations, you will probably be waiting a while.

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 0472011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 049

They brought us cornbread with some garlic and parsley.

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 050

And a spinach salad with an oyster and Asian dressing:

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 052

Here are some eats:


2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 054

Blackened tuna with champagne brie sauce:

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 055

Smothered chicken:

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 056

Grilled duck breast with orange soy glaze, shitake mushrooms and pecans:

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 058

Blackened Sirloin of lamb with sundried tomatoes and mushrooms:

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 059

Country fried venison:

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 060


2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 061

After we went to Pat O'Brien's for a hurricane and we went to Tropical Isle for a Hand Grenade.

2011-02-05 2011-02-05 001 075

This morning we went to breakfast at Stanley’s in Jackson Square:

I got the Eggs Stanley which is a English muffin, Canadian bacon, poached eggs, oyster fried with cornmeal batter topped with hollandaise sauce. Yummy!


Tomorrow starts my 7 day Vegan challenge. I will be posting my experience with it. If you want to join in on the fun you can go to Facebook Vegan for a Week.

Well I am gonna get ready for tomorrow and go to sleep. Night!


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