Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2nd Anniversary Celebration

The past two days have been great! Yesterday, we went to San Francisco to celebrate our anniversary.

We started our lil trip to San Francisco in Fisherman’s Wharf. We stopped at Bubba Gump and had an appetizer and a drink.

I went with the Blue Louisiana Lemonade (iPhone pic):


It was tasty!


After the appetizer we headed to the trolley on Hyde Street. It was so behind, we ended up walking to Union Square. Here is a view on the way:

2011-06-03 2011-06-03 001 002

**Side note: my legs hurt today from walking there yesterday.

This month from June 1-15th they are having a thing called “Dine About Town.” With this, you can go to try different participating restaurants for lunch or dinner. It gives people a chance to try different cuisines. We decided to go with “Le Central.” It is a French restaurant located by Union Square.


We tried a cab here from Cali(sorry about wine dribble):


I got the crab cake.  It was ok. A lil too much breading and not enough crabmeat.

2011-06-03 2011-06-03 001 003

Brian went with the French Onion soup.

2011-06-03 2011-06-03 001 005

I got the Cassoulet.

2011-06-03 2011-06-03 001 006

He got the rib eye. It was a little burnt tasting. Kinda like charcoal.

2011-06-03 2011-06-03 001 010

I went with the Tiramisu. It was delish!

2011-06-03 2011-06-03 001 012

Brian went with the Crème Brulee. He forgot to wait to take a pic and took a bite. It is the best I have ever tasted. Yummy!

2011-06-03 2011-06-03 001 015

On the way back to our car, we were able to take the trolley back. It was fun!



This afternoon we decided to go and try some local froyo at Twisters Frozen Yogurt. On Tuesdays, they have trivia and if you get it correct you get your froyo free! I was lucky to get the trivia answer right and I got my froyo free! Yay! I got the red velvet and crema de leche froyo with cheesecake, raspberries, cookie dough, and a dash of heath. It was a weird combo but delish!!


The rest of the day was spent doing laundry and getting my stuff ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow is my first day at work. Wish me luck!! Bye!

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