Saturday, June 18, 2011

Paleo Challenge

Happy Saturday everyone! Today has been a great day for us. We went shopping all morning and also we got our membership to Costco. I can’t wait to get our casita next week so we can go grocery shopping. We also went to the movies to watch this:

I actually liked the movie and it had some sad parts in it. When we were watching previews I saw the preview for this:

I can’t wait to see it!

On another note, we went to Trader Joes yesterday and I lurve their wine selection! I got this bottle for $6.99.


2011-06-07 2011-06-07 001 002

It was actually pretty tasty. I liked it.

We also went to shop at The Container store, and just to window shop. While doing that we stopped at Barnes and Noble to have some coffee and look at books. I ended up buying this book:

I have been eating junk food since we have been living out of a hotel. I know and feel like I have gained weight. I want to start eating healthier and I like this approach. So on Monday, I will be doing the Paleo diet for 30 days and see how it works out. I can’t tell for sure how much I have gained since my scale is all packed up, but when we get into our house next week, I will be weighing myself. I will also have a before and after pic after the 30 day period.

This week has been good as far as exercising. I ran 3 miles today with an avg 9:28 min mile. I also worked out 3 other days this week. I ran one, biked one, and swam the other. I plan on doing a bike ride tomorrow on the stationary bike.

My best friend Tinia started her bloggie  L7-Weirdo today. Go check it out!

Well off to relax. Ciao!

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