Thursday, June 23, 2011

Moving In

Well the past couple days have been cray cray. I started Paleo on Monday. Well, I was also watching some late night T.V. and saw the Insanity workout add....well my crazy ass decided to start that on Monday too...what was I thinking?!? What doesn't help is that I had to move furniture and boxes on Tuesday and yesterday. I am so freaked sore and plus I don't have 100% energy because I am transitioning over from a carbaholic to no!? But overall, I have still been working out through all that is going on.

On Sunday, I decided to fat fat it up knowing that I would be not eating carbs or any yumminess for 30 days. I decided the Cheesecake Factory sounded like a good idea...

Almost forgot to take a pic, to a bite(oops)

While at the mall, I bought my first ever pair of lululemon pants!

Sorry for the ugly hotel comforter pic.

I also tried this for the first time:

Not a big fan.

Here have been a couple of Paleo eats for the past couple of days:

I can honestly say, it hasn't been that bad...I love me some fruit and meat! I hope I can last the whole 30 days...

Well off to unpack...bleh!

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