Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bread Day

Well today was my first attempt to make homemade bread in the oven. I have made some 100% in the bread machine once. This time I made 3 loaves and just mixed some of the ingredients in the bread machine. I used the recipe from Allrecipes for Simple Whole Wheat Bread. I will be tasting it tomorrow since today is the last day of my Clean Program. Here are some pics of the bread making moments…

2011-01-22 2011-01-22 001 005


2011-01-22 2011-01-22 001 008


2011-01-22 2011-01-22 001 010

2011-01-22 2011-01-22 001 018

Only the one on the right came out perfectly round. I will get better at this!

I also bought some beautiful roses yesterday and went to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought the loaf pans and some new placemats. The table looks better!

2011-01-22 2011-01-22 001 001

Also I finally finished putting the stuff into our bathroom. I gotta get some stuff to decorate it now that we are done. Here are a few pics:







2011-01-22 2011-01-22 001 011


2011-01-22 2011-01-22 001 012


2011-01-22 2011-01-22 001 013


2011-01-22 2011-01-22 001 014


2011-01-22 2011-01-22 001 015


2011-01-22 2011-01-22 001 017

The pics are sorta before and afters. I could not find the pic with the wall paper it had and the old peel and stick tile. It was hideous. Well, gotta go to bed. See ya tomorrow!


  1. wow! your bread looks awesome!! may i steal a bite? :P

  2. totally impressed with your bread! and congrats on the move mentioned below -- SF is so amazing. just be prepared for the coldest summer of your life :)

  3. movesnmunchies- I might be having a giveaway soon! Thanks!

    Sarah- Thank you so much! I am trying new recipes and trying more baking, never really done that much. I do love cooking. You have inspired me to do it. Also love the clean eating mag recipes that you post. Just bought the best of cookbook.