Monday, January 24, 2011

First Day of Biology 2

Hi everyone! Hope your Monday was good! I had a great day. I started off with a delicious breakfast of muesli and thick rolled oats with blackberries, almond milk, and a bit of organic skim milk.

2011-01-24 2011-01-24 003 001


2011-01-24 2011-01-24 003 004

I had a good cardio sesh with 30 min on the elliptical doing intervals and 30 min of weights.  For lunch I had leftover Ribeye and Caprese salad with arugula.

Before heading to my class I ate Tropical Smoothie for dinner. I decided to try something new and went with a Wasabi Roast Beef sandwich. I would recommend this sandwich it was mouthwatering good!

2011-01-24 2011-01-24 002 001

2011-01-24 2011-01-24 002 002

I am still on this organization kick and decided to get the top of our fridge in our pantry/laundry room a bit more organized. it is not done…I need to move some stuff around but here is some progress…

2011-01-24 2011-01-24 001 002

2011-01-24 2011-01-24 004 003

Well off to bed I go…I am completely exhausted from a long day. Good night!

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