Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No more blue casa

We have been renovating our house and spent the entire 3 day weekend painting. It was a bit tiring but we got a lot accomplished. We should be done soon and I will post final pictures. Here is a work in progress pic…

2011-01-17 House project 001

I really trimmed down the bushes so I could get behind….that’s why they are sooooo bald. Winking smile

2011-01-17 House project 002


2011-01-17 House project 003


2011-01-17 House project 004


2011-01-17 House project 005

The house was the blue you see on the trim above and yellow. I did not like the color at all.

I also decided to use our gift card to buy this…

2011-01-17 House project 006

I had the little one that could bearly fit over one piece of chicken and the first generation one. I was overdue for an upgrade. I plan on using this a lot because I am planning on eating healthier.

Today I made salmon with some garlic and herbs and some asparagus with veggie grill seasoning. It is for lunch tomorrow.


2011-01-18 George Foreman Grill 001


2011-01-18 George Foreman Grill 002

It looks and smells so good. I wish I could eat it. I am so excited that I am almost done with 3 weeks of my clean program. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I am down 11 lbs. which is awesome. It is definitely a jumpstart on my weight loss. This Saturday will be my last day. Well I will talk to you guys later!



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