Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Aspartame or not?

Hey everyone! Hope your Thursday went well! My day went by fast. Today is my "Friday" since I have to work this Sunday. I had an awesome workout today. I did weights for 25 min, elliptical for 30, and stationary bike for 30. I have been pretty good about eating healthy and exercising daily.

Talking about health brings up a good point, to aspartame or not? My friend Jana from Married to a Bevill brought up a very interesting subject. We were talking about healthy eating and babies ( since she is pregnant) and she told me about the side side effects of aspartame. I knew that it wasn't completely "good" for you but didn't know how "bad" it was. Well I looked online and found this . It showed how aspartame causes and contributes to a lot of diseases. It is pretty scary stuff. Tomorrow my goal is to rid my house of all things aspartame.

On a lighter note my sister sent me a pic of my nephew. He is the cutest!

Well off to study and get ready for bed. Ciao!

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