Monday, January 31, 2011

No Power?

I had a great day today! It was good for a Monday. I got a Starbucks Iced Americano to start off my day.. Then I did a fabulous 4 miles of speed interval training on the treadmill. I really felt the burn! I also really enjoyed my lunch.  I admit that I did not eat your conventional lunch. Instead I went for this:

2011-01-29 2011-01-29 001 009

I loved it so much the other day I decided to eat some for lunch with lots of berries. I got a smaller portion of yogurt and went for some antioxidant action. Don’t judge me! Angel

After work I studied for my mini exam in Biology 2 and did a quick weight sesh. I worked on back, chest, and shoulders. Boy am I sore from doing legs and cardio yesterday! Well I ate at work for dinner  ( a piece of pizza my friend Jana brought me) and headed to class. When I got there, I noticed that the parking lot seemed a lil empty and for some reason it seemed a lil darker. I thought it was just because I showed up to class about 25 min early to get a good seat and review stuff before the test. Well, I got out of my car and headed to class. There was a sign stating that class was cancelled. Me being the skeptic and knowing how my teacher is very punctual and does not cancel class for anything, I waited for a few minutes. While waiting I decided to pass time with my IPhone. When I was checking my mail, I noticed all these school “alerts” telling us about a power outage at the school and there was even an email from the teacher. The reason I did not get this memo was because I was working out and my phone was on silent. Hmm. So I did what any regular person would do…. I went to Target and got a bottle of wine and a new shirt to work out in. I then went home and did this:

2011-01-31 2011-01-31 001 004-1

Got a glass of wine and watched this:

I have never watched The Bachelor, but this season has got me tuned in. I like Emily and am not liking Michelle at all. It turned out to be a fantastic night!

While at Target I decided to also buy some yummy tea. There is this one at Panera that I get that is mango something(don’t remember the name), so I decided to go with this:2011-01-31 2011-01-31 001 005


2011-01-31 2011-01-31 001 006


2011-01-31 2011-01-31 001 007

It was definitely good and I had two cups. Well off to bed…got a long day manana to include getting my hair done. Yay! Night!

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